Terms & Conditions


1.  DIGITAL HOTSHOT ("us", "we") is an online shopping website where customers ("you") can purchase electronic products and accessories. By using online shopping service on Digital Hotshot, you are deemed to accept the "Terms and Conditions" including these service-specific terms and terms of uses of this website.

2.  Orders are only accepted for delivery in New Zealand.



1.  All prices are given in New Zealand Dollars;

2.  Digital Hotshot reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. You shall not claim any loss against changed prices.



1.  Most of our products are parallel imports, so you may not be able to send your phone to a local service station for after service. However, after service can be done at Digital Hotshot;

2.  If you choose to buy a parallel import phone, some applications installed for the original country may not be applicable in New Zeland.

3. Since our products are from overseas, the chargers may be different and cannot be used in New Zealand. According to related regulations, it is illegal to sell foreign pin configured chargers in New Zealand. Therefore, we replace the original foreign charger with a New Zealand charger for each product. We endeavor to use chargers with the same brand of the product.

4. However, if we are unable to provide that, we will use qualified third-party chargers. 



1. All prices on our website are GST included;

2. We accept major credit cards through online Paypal including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. No credit card surcharge applies;

3. Customer can pay by bank transfer or Poli;

4. Digital Hotshot provides installment payments such as Laybuy and Oxipay;

5. For the security and confirmation process, we may contact the person who has made the purchase for more details.


Offer and Acceptance

1.  We may reject an order due to the stock availability of an item, no claims shall be made against this.


Delivery and "Pre-order" Items

1.  All Digital Hotshot products are on pre-order items and payment is required for the confirmation of the order;

2. We endeavor to deliver the item within 10 working days and some of the popular items within 5 working days. Any delays of the order will be notified at the earliest time possible, no claims shall be made against delays.

3. We don't allow pick-ups. All products will be delivered to customers' address in New Zealand;

4.  Any payment or deposit shall not be refunded if the customer changes his/her mind;

5.  A full refund will be given if we are unable to source a paid item.

6.  All electronic devices will be drop-shipped into our service station first when a customer places an order on our website, an international shipping cost applies to each item including accessories.




1.  If the product is purchased for the business you agree that the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply;

2.  Each product purchased from Digital Hotshot has a warranty as specified in the specification unless stated otherwise. We are not responsible for any other products

used in conjunction with the product which is not sold by Digital Hotshot;

3. All warranties are voided if the returned item is found in any way to be misused, modified or personal damaged;

4. During the warranty, the faulty item will be repaired when possible or replaced if we cannot repair it. A refund will be only provided if we cannot repair or replace ( Please note: Refund only be made, when you return the complete whole package such as BOX PHONE or TABLET AND ACCESSORIES in good condition WITHIN 3-5 DAYS )

5.  All our warranties are RTB (Returned to Based) which means that any faulty item needs to be sent back to Digital Hotshot for assessment;

6. You need to cover the shipping costs for the return of the faulty item and we will cover the shipping cost for sending the repaired/replaced item back to you when it is covered under the warranty. However, if the item is determined not to be faulty by Digital Hotshot. Both shipping costs will be worn by the customer;

7.  Digital Hotshot is not responsible for any loss or damages of the item during its transit of returning. You are responsible for packaging the faulty item properly. Warranties are voided if the item is damaged during return;

8. We are not responsible for any data contents or security of the data contents in any returned items. Our service department works under regulations to not interfere with any customer data, however, you are responsible for your data backup as the data can be destroyed during repairs. No claims shall be made for any type of losses due to loss of data;

9. Our local service center only fixes a minor problem. For complicated situations, we need to send products to our overseas suppliers for repair, which may take a longer time. We endeavor to fix each product in a reasonable period. However, we are not responsible for any consequences from a delayed repair/replacement;

10. Any faulty item must be sent back to us within 7 working days from the time we both agreed upon the return.



1. No returns or exchange will be provided if you change your mind, please choose carefully before the transaction completes;

2. Returns will only be provided as a refund in the case where we could not repair a faulty item or replace as stated in the “Warranty” section 4 above.


Use of information

1. You agree that we may obtain some information about you from you or any other person (including any credit/debt collection agency) for business purpose, and you consent to any person providing us the information;

2. You agree that we can give any information we have about you to any person regarding your creditworthiness (including any credit/debt collection agency) for credit assessment or debt collection purposes.



1. We reserve the rights to change any prices, withdraw any advertised products and change the specifications at any time without notice;

2. Information contained throughout the website is believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of publishing. No claims shall be made for any losses or damage (including direct, indirect, or consequential loss of profits).

3. The images on the web pages are for illustrative and informational purposes only.